With so many Dj artists in Eswatini, she tends to be a rose among thorns. Her deejaying skills are recognized and  she has built momentum over the past years. She has performed in big events like MTN bushfire, Amapiano and deep house sessions in Mozambique alongside Vigro Deep, Jazzidisciples and Dj Bucks.

Lady Zee let us into her world and here are a few things you probably didn’t know about the her :

  1. Where did you grow up and how would you describe DJ Lady Zee?

I grew up in a place from Ezulwini called Buka, up the hills so waking up every morning id wake up with the site of the green peaceful mountains around me. Dj Lady Zee is a straight lady, with a soft heart and determined, I’m a girl that just thrives for excellence in everything she touches. I love being happy even though we live in a world where people are just out for our spirits but heey we move on.

  1. As a female deejay in Eswatini, how did get a break into the music industry in the country?

I think patience, perseverance and focus helped me break the music industry in Eswatini even though I still feel like there is more I’m yet to do. It was never easy but I am keeping on and yet building my brand name, Dj Lady Zee.

  1. What does your regular day look like?

Well lately my regular day during the week is one and the same pattern since I got private tutoring lessons , I am doing to gain extra cash since the are no gigs , then during the weekend, my day is waking up ,dressing up looking fresh , run my errands, pamper myself and see mygirls and that’s just about it.

  1. How do you see yourself and your Deejay career adapting to the current changes in the music industry?

For me personally, I am seeing the change as a good opportunity to venture into other things that has to do with entertainment for me. I have ventures in the music industry and I am really excited about it.

  1. How does your music and sound evolved from when you first came into the deejay scene?

Yooow haha, I have really grown from what I was five years ago. I am now more matured and fine when it comes to my sound. Ngesiswati they say ‘’ iyashaywa inumber nyalo’’ I mean we all have to grow at some point since they are people looking up to Lady Zee.

  1. What are your plans for 2012?

This year its production. Revamping the brand, people must look out my socials are yet to be changed, I mean we are growing the brand.

  1. What is your daily source of strength?

The people around me give me the strength to keep going on and most of all I pray a lot with no doubt ngitsi mangigroova ngibe umdali ngimati yena kutsi ungubani. And knowing the person I am and what I deserve is my daily inspiration. This girl is everything and I mean everything!

  1. What advice would you give, motivating upcoming female Djs in Eswatini?

Be consistent to who you are. Be focused, there will be a lot of temptations but just keep on doing you. Collect as much as music as you can and be diverse, get learned to know things, not just musical stuff but things in general because you will meet different people as you take this journey. Zithande.

  1. What are some fun facts about you?
  • I love being happy, I mean happiness embili guys!
  • I love to travel a lot.
  • Music is everything to me, makube nemusic nje lakunami khona.
  • Food lover.
  • I love to feel the energy of love, to feel loved and I am a sucker for love.


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