The rapper AKA and his bae Nelli Tembe have been receiving a lot of love from fans this week since they announced their engagement four days ago. Tembe unlike many of AKA’s ex’s is very private person and she is not a celebrity. The rapper also revealed that Tembe is the first non-celebrity he’s dated since 2008.

Now the rapper has posted a series of Instagram stories with his daughter Kairo Forbes where he’s asking her if she wouldn’t mind him ordering a new baby.

In another IG story he also asks Kairo, ‘’you don’t want me to order a new baby from the baby shop,’’ which Kairo replied ‘’No’’ and he continued ‘’but that’s where I ordered you from. It takes a long long time to order a new baby’’ and he continued, ‘’It’s time to order a new baby’’ and Kairo refused for her dad to order a new baby throughout the entire conversation.

It is unclear from the playful IG stories between Kairo and her dad, if he and Tembe are really having a baby or if he was just having fun with his daughter.

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