Just one glance at comedian Gedlembane will leave you in stitches, his facial expression just crackes you up without him even saying a word! So the other day he decided to call MTN to ask for a special offer, he wanted to get an airtime loan twice even though we are only allowed to request once. But no the comedian thought he could take chances and do it twice. Hahahaha…

“Ngyeva kutsi batsi anikwenti lokubhukisana kabili, ngiyacela bo kotini uyatsembisa ubhamuke wonkhe. Ngifuna kushaya ka Anti ngive kutsi lomsebenti wamalume mavokwane uyachubeka yin.” He requested

He went on to sing MTN praises with the hope that it will melt the customer care agent’s heart but it was all in vain.  He ended up asking for the call centre attendant’s contact details and his justification for asking her numbers was that he was taken by her sweet voice and wishes to meet her.

“Livi lakho liyawutsintsa umoya wami, liyawuhlukubeta, loku sikhuluma nje imizwa yami inako lokufisa kukubona”

Shoot your Shot Siyagedla, you may never know.

Watch the video below.