Tapiwa a.k.a Aurumbarbie, 20 years old transgender from male to female in Eswatini shared her journey through the transition with Youtuber Esther_mckom. She explained what being transgender actually means to her. Due to the society norms and expectations it took her quite a while to fully accept her gender identity, but in 2017 she finally came out of her shell to be the person she perceives herself to be. She says she had always known deep down in her heart that she is a woman, In fact she had known since pre-school.

Aurumbarbiee feels transgenders are entitled to their identities, she doesn’t need to tell everyone that she is a transgender but she has to do it for her safety because of the area she leaves in.

“In Eswatini  I’m not recognized as such and have been discriminated against for it. I have a lot of battles to deal with” she said. She further explained that due to the transition, she has lost a lot of male friends and family.

Transgender people often face discrimination in their day-to-day lives, Tapiwa is so brave and resilient. you can even see through the way she carries herself with ease, confidence and pride on her Instagram pictures.