Another day, another Uncle Waffles slander and this time it is from the notorious celebrity basher Slik Talk. In true Slik Talk fashion, he did not hold back anything and dished out on how he really feels about Uncle Waffles and we hope she stays away from the internet this time around because the shots are lethal.

“This girl is the worst highest paid DJ I ever heard in my life. Everything about her set was garbage…the mixing, the songs, she was playing songs from 2019.”

“This is what I hate about this whole internet sensation thing, we overhype people  and make them think that they are talented. Uncle Waffles has zero talent. She is a pretty girl but she is not talented. She can dance and she has a great stomach but we have a million other talented dancers.

“When the Adiwele song falls off will Uncle Waffles be here? I don’t thinks so,” dissed the YouTuber.

If that wasn’t enough, he even took shots at Kamo Mphela, “Uncle Waffles, you are 10KGs away from falling off, ask Kamo Mphela she knows,” he trolled.

Image cred: Instagram

Source: zalebs