First of all, we want to congratulate Phakamile who has managed to make it to the season’s top 6. The top 6 were announced during an all local music songs themed show. Phakamile performed “Happy People” by Khole. Her performance did not get the judges convinced. However, guest judge singer-songwriter Msimisi Sithole commended her for her confidence and energy on stage.

Get to know Phakamile Dlamini

1.Tell us about yourself

I’m Phakamile Dlamini also known as Peekay I am 22 years old. Just turned 22 on the 6th of November.

  1. Why did you join Spotlight?

I joined spotlight because I wanted to experience the lime light and express the shining star that I am.

  1. How does it feel making it this far in the competition?

It feels so unbelievable, funny enough I’ve never reach a top in anything ?.. but now I’m in the top 6 it is so amazing. One-digit number it is so amazing.

  1. Describe your Spotlight experience in 3 words.

Crazy, fun and legendary?..

  1. Which are your 3 Favorite performances?

Erykah Badu next life time performance, tones and I dance monkey and black coffee ft Alicia keys in common.

  1. Who is your music idol?

I really don’t have a music idol. but I have a favorite artist which is Erykah Badu.

  1. What advice would you give to a potential spotlight contestant?

Be ready and be yourself. Even if you mess up embrace it because you get better Every time you try ? let that inner beast express itself.

  1. First things you’ll do if you win?

The first thing I would do is celebrate and get to sing on that celebration.

Catch the next episode of the Spotlight S3 on Sunday at 5pm via MTN Eswatini Facebook or YouTube link in bio or @eswatini_tv to see who gets eliminated and who makes it to the top 5.