After an exciting and intense week of the top 8 battling it out for viewers’ votes, the top 6 for the Spotlight Season 3 was announced in last week’s live show.

Sanele Mkhwanazi is one of contestants who made it to the top 6. On Sunday, he set the house on fire with his rendition of Vuma by Sands, even the judges could not contain their excitement.

Join us for a chinwag with Sanele to hear how his journey has been on the competition so far.

1.Tell us about yourself?

My name is Sanele Mkhwanazi 22 years old.

  1. Why did you join Spotlight?

I joined the Spotlight to begin and pursue my dream of becoming an artist. I am happy I made it to the Top 6 and proud of myself to overcome the nerves and gain more experience.

3. Describe your Spotlight experience in 3 words.

Amazing, Friendly and exciting.

4. Which are your 3 Favorite performances?

My favorite performances are Loving me, Mamela and Vuma.

5. Who is your music idol?

My music idol is Samthing soweto.

6. What advice would you give to a potential spotlight contestant?

To someone who will join the Spotlight, I’d say Focus on what you are told to do and don’t be negative about everything, work hard and respect.

7. First things you’ll do if you win?

If I could win, I would buy one of my poorest family neighborhood a whole month grocery and small furniture.

To vote for Sanele into the top 5, follow instructions below: