With the Corona virus putting a halt to most global activities for close to seven months, this has proven to be detrimental to the economic, medical, and social state worldwide. The effects of this pandemic appear to be affecting the less privileged households in the kingdom.

A certain portion of the people affected by the Corona virus in the country eSwatini have managed to find  joy through Blessing ‘DJ Bloss’ Masuku, who is the CEO of a recent start up charity organization ‘Joy Of The Nation’.  Through the leadership of DJ Bloss, the charity has been able to donate food parcels to an elderly Woman of the area of Sphocosini, do ate clothes of a school in Siphofaneni and also donated clothes to a care center at Mpolonjeni in Mbabane, to name a few.

“With the help of Helping hand foundation and C.H.I.P’ the children’s foundation ‘  we have been able to help a čast number of people in the country, we are truly grateful for their gesture of kindness and liberality”, Says DJ Bloss.

The organization is calling out to potential sponsors and willing donors to join the course of bringing hope and Joy to the people’s heart, Especially those  deeply affected by the pandemic.