A well known make up artist Khosi Shabalala has made it clear that she personally doesn’t see a problem with having a male bestie,  let alone be friends with an ex.  Talking with the Wolfpack members at the waffle palace in Manzini,  she confirmed that she once had a friend who happened to be her ex and it even went to an extent whereby they shared a bed more than once.

” Whenever he was in the country,  he would crash at my place and there was nothing there,  and if I happen to be on the other side and need a place to crash, I would crash at his place.” Khosi told the Wolfpack members.

She said she personally doesn’t have a problem with sharing a bed with her ex unless her partner doesn’t agree,  then the dynamics would change. She said she understands friendship boundaries and swore she would never allow anything to happen between her and a male friend.

However,  she stated that this whole thing goes down to an individual,  knowing what you can or cannot do because putting our trust in someone that they won’t do it does not guarantee they won’t do it for real.

“I recommend do not try this”,  Khosi said to the wolfpack members,  but is because boys are weaker and lack self-control than girls?