We do not stop celebrating amusing, feisty and fabulous young women who not only inspire us but are also spearheads in their respective fields. Oh! They have to be hot too. Today we are appreciating the stunning beauty and talents of musical artist Zoe Genesis.

Her real name is Zoe Nonde and she is not just a pretty face. The 24-year-old singer is part of the new SWAMA Executive team and serves as the Public Relations Officer. She is also known for her deep yet catchy songwriting and ability to fuse pop with various genres.

She was introduced to the music scene in 2016 when she was signed as an artist under standstill mafia. She has since featured on projects with a variety of other artists such as Ncwiki Flex and MasterSeth to mention a few. Since then, she has worked hard to create a path and a sound of her own.

Take a listen to Zoe Genesis ft Oxygen – Phree

Images: Instagram