Zodwa Wabantu has made it clear that she does not want any fake people in her circle and that if she has cut you off, she no longer wants you in her life.

Media personality Zodwa took to social media to vent about fake friends who have screwed her over in the past. She made it known that she does not appreciate back stabbers in her life and will make sure that people do not return.

“If it happened that you were once in my life and you tried fu**ing me over and I cut you off, I don’t forgive and you are never coming back to my life. And if I hear your name anywhere where I am or in venues, I will remove it. And I will make sure that I remove it.”

In a separate post she said once people do this they will say she is very cruel whereas she is a good person. “Once you Cross the Line You will walk around saying I am a bad person, I don’t Forgive you won’t tell them how Good I am.”


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Who tried to do Zodwa dirty?

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