Master Kg and Nomcebo Zikode are trending on social media after they got involved in a very public spat over their hit song Jerusalema.

Nomcebo and Master KG’s record label Open Mic Productions has released an official statement regarding the Jerusalema saga.

Responding to Nomcebo’s statement, Open Mic said, “We note the utterances made by our artist Nomcebo Zikode on social media in regard to payment for her featured artist role in the song Jerusalema by Master KG”

Open Mic said although they do not make a habit of addressing their artists’ contractual matters with the members of the public, they could not ignore Nomcebo’s statement.

“We can confirm that during the creation of the song, that Master KG (the main artist) and Nomcebo Zikode (the featured artist) agreed on sharing 50/50 on Master KG’s earnings. The featured artist’s agreement which reflected an equal split between the two artists was drafted last year November for both parties to sign”

Nomcebo is said to have looked at the contract and then proposed a higher percentage and ever since that, they have been going back and forth with negotiations. Open Mic added that the last time they met with Nomcebo’s legal team was on 19 June.

“No payments have been made to either artist as yet because Nomcebo Zikode is yet to sign the featured artist agreement that essentially records what was agreed between herself and Master KG prior to both of them going into the studio to record Jerusalema

Other people on Twitter felt that Nomcebo’s rant had DJ Tira written all over it and Nomcebo is being poisoned by other people.

“Nomcebo has been hanging around DJ Tira a lot… If you know DJ Tira and how he conducts his businesses you’d understand who’s behind her rant. I’m sure Tira was like “That song is big because of you” Grew a big head and think she can get what she wants. Black coffee doesn’t sing but still makes more money on a song than the vocalists. Zulus aren’t special”

“Whoever is poisoning/ advising Nomcebo is very dangerous. Why can she allow this to destroy her relationship with Master KG? Does she think Master kg will give away the rights and ownership of his world peace Jerusalem masterpiece beat? She is crazy”

“Nomcebo is greedy and she is being influenced badly in this regard. She must be careful not to mess up her career by listening to people who will later turn their backs on her”

“This is good for Nomcebo, if there is no deal signed then technically she is the main artist… it’s her vocals,  Master KG must be credited for the beat and whoever wrote the lyrics should be credited for its songwriting.  The song is huge now so only written agreements suffice”

We can only hope that everyone gets what is due to them and what they deserve.