If you’ve already gone ahead to book that relaxing appointment at the nail salon and you’re not exactly sure what nail style to get this time around then look no further. Try the super popular Duck Nails.


Duck Nails, aka flared nails, aka fan tips, aka wide tips is a fast growing trend that has been gaining great online traction particularly on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Besides providing an efficient fanning system to cool yourself down during those warm days, duck nails are also great for providing more room for design through their wider tip surface area.


So if accessorizing is more your style then duck nails will certainly allow you the space in which to experiment with decorative pieces such as gem stones and more. However, if you like your nail art to be more on the subtle side, then perhaps a slight shimmery glitter would do.


Nevertheless, whichever way you choose to try out this trend it is up to you to decide. Like with fashion it’s important to always put self expression and personal style as one of your main priorities. So have fun with it and don’t hold back.