Of course, you heard right, the unapologetic Plus Size Model, thick women activist and fashion designer Miss Curvy Lala is a twin and they have totally different personalities. Here are ten interesting facts about the Tshabalala sisters:

  1. They were born two minutes apart.
  2. Lala is an extrovert and her twin is an introvert.
  3. They have their own language that only they can understand.
  4. After they were born, the twin sister stayed in hospital a little longer as she was underfed because Lala consumed most of the food.
  5. They have different taste in clothes, men, food, alcohol and music.
  6. They are super close but still don’t socialize together.
  7. Their African names put together mean” the star lit up for the one who was waited for”
  8. They live together but still call each other on the phone from their rooms to chat
  9. They’re both not beetroot fans.
  10. They are forever their daddy’s girls.