Every week, Twitter blesses us with the most trending topics. These past two weeks, the trending topic was #90svs2000s challenge which started with Twitter users remembering all sorts of things from the 90s that children born in the 2000s wouldn’t remember. This hash tag inspired this week’s edition of #ThrowBackThursday. Here are a few tweets under the hash tag that cracked us up:

Backstage! By 18:30, everyday, we were seated in front of the television set ready to watch this drama on eTV. Nyalo sesabukela Uyang’thanda Na?.


Hahahah! All the coolest guys in school had these and all of them would show off their beat making skills. The way we would be so impressed tsine labanye!


There is no 90s baby that never used linabukeni, whether you grew up eDalriach noma eSiteki sonkhe sasiwasebentisa!



Every fun fact that we know orginates from the OG Google! Lol! They still sell emaChappies and when you unwrap them you still check to see whether you remember these facts! Why don’t they type new facts??





Which of these do you remember? Let us know!