The Swazi music industry is evolving with the emergence of new artists and producers every day. It would be profitable for artists to take advantage of collaborations across the different genres and explore the talent the country possesses. Here is a list of artist who we think would make magic together and their collaborations would definitely be chart toppers:

Tiyas King Ft. Symphony: These two artists sing the same genre, soulful rnb, so their collaboration would be along the lines of a painful love story ala Baby Face and Toni Braxton. It would make for tear jerking listening!











Psycholution ft. Adrienne Foo: This pair would make such a sexy, ‘You want me, but can’t get me’ kind ofgood vibes song. I see this track being quite a club banger, especially with Tendaness as the producer. FLAMES!











Nomzamo ft. Sands: This collaboration needs to happen soon! I imagine they would make a great collaborative album; they already give me Kelly Khumalo, Robbie Malinga vibes laba. Their music together is enough for them to go international, mos def!












Tendaness ft. Illa Pen boy: I know, I know, two totally different people. But, imagine Illa’s hype vocals on a dance tune by Tendaness. Catchy AF, right? This one would have us singing along like we do nakungena Sista Bettina!











Who do you think would make an awesome collab? Let us know!