The bubbly new mom, shared exciting news with her friends and followers about her new business venture.

She took them by surprise with the announcement of a new baby shop that will supply baby things at affordable prices. The long trips to South Africa just to get the perfect stroller for your lil’ one will no longer be necessary @lush_plush_babies  has got your back.

Being a parent is my favorite thing in this life ? I remember last November hubby and I drove all the way to Durban in search for baby things ?? that’s when I realized that I wanted to run and own a baby shop that will supply these baby things locally and at affordable prices ?

Let Me Introduce To You @lush_plush_babies for all things baby ? For both your baby’s Luxury & Comfort at Affordable prices ? And Yes we do have Cute baby shower gift ideas ?” She wrote.


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Her friends and followers could not stop congratulating and praising her.

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