Sainte Gee’s Real name is Zakhele Mabuza from the Manzini region Swaziland – one of the “grand fathers” of hip hop music in Swaziland. Back in the day he used to be part of a group called Bones Connexion and later flew solo under the title Ugly G before changing his stage name to Sainte Gee. At some point he got into a feud with with Mlungisi Ndwandwe (Mil G)  over ownership of the word “G”. It is not surprise to hear him go off at the dearly departed Lundi – talk about kicking a man while he is down.

Sainte Gee after hearing the news that Gospel star Lundi has passed on, he posted an cringe worthy status. The grudge was started when Lundi refused to give him an interview after his last show in Swaziland.  Even though he wrote this, he still sympathizes by writing RIP (Rest in Peace).

One of his friends called him out for not show sympathy and one said uzama kutsi ulayekile ngestayela? Another comment was saying he mustn’t take it personal because he had his reasons why he was not able to.