Uncle Waffles just recently got verified on Twitter. And while many of her fans are happy for her, others are simply not taking it, Prince Kaybee being one of them. Kabillion’s fans are also not at all pleased with this revelation. A tweep took to ask how home Uncle Waffles had gotten the “blue tick” before the well-renowned Prince Kaybee. What followed was a retweet from Kaybee who responded by saying that Twitter does not verify upcoming artists. Was he being funny or was he serious?

The Twitter thread has seen tweeps and loyal followers of Kabillion react to the news both positively but mostly not so well. The overall sentiments are that Prince Kaybee should not be worried as to why he has not been verified but rather he should continue focusing on creating authentic music. His fans have also comforted him by letting him know that whether he is verified or not, they will still remain faithful to him.

Take a look at the reactions below:

Image credit: Instagram