Kids often take after their parents, but sometimes they can look eerily similar. For some of these celebrity kids, the resemblance between them and their parents is astounding. Zox and his son Wandile could be mistaken for his little brother. And you can’t deny the resemblance between Siyamthanda and his dad DJ Master P.

Here are some local celebrity kids who could pass as their parents twin.

Zox’s son Wandile is definitely his father’s child in so many ways. The cheeks, smile, everything you would swear kutsi bekaphikwa . LOL

Another cute celebrity kid who’s going to break many hearts in the future is Dave. Son of soccer player Felix Badenhorst. He looks just like his dd. How cute is this little boy though?

Then you know you’re really a daddy’s little girl when you look exactly like him. DJ Mbo and his daughter are practically twins. Ncooh, Look at these two.

Then there’s Siyamthanda who is the spitting image of his dad. He even inherited his father’s ears.