If you’re not an avid social media buff like us at Gcwala99, you may have missed the latest Twitter craze, the #NadiaNakaiChallenge. So, Nadia Nakai posts this picture of herself without make up while she is spending Valentine’s Day at a lodge with her bae, Bongani Mbere.

Twitter users, as per usual, go crazy over the difference between Nadia with make-up, and without make up, which turns out to be hella frightful to be honest. However, instead of Twitter users throwing shade, they turn lemons into lemonade and take pictures of themselves without make up in solidarity with your girl.

We have selected a few pictures which we think embrace going make up free and support Nadia in her frightfulness. Lol!

NaloMama naye decided to join in hle!




Some decided against posting their pictures and KILLED us with these!



Ladies, what do you think about going natural sometimes? Let us know!