The Babouche: Lana nje, I don’t see what inspired this shoe or why we needed it in life but this flat, neutral colored shoe is forecast as the ‘IT’ shoe for Summer/Spring 2019. Lol I guess we have a year to get used to this one because I don’t see anyone rocking this is to The Gables anytime soon!


The Jorts: I don’t know why these weirdly cut jeans would come back, but Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid are determined to bring this hideous item back. These denim pedal pusher style jeans were and still, are a fashion faux pas!

The Kitten Heels: This item is dependent on whether you can’t decide between rocking flats or stilettos. And also, what clothes you will be wearing and which occasion. We really don’t want to see our beautiful Swazi sisters rocking them at Bushfire and they’re sinking into the ground, out here looking like ufake emahliphasi. No. Make it look pretty but practical.


The ‘Ugly’ practical trainers: With this New Age wave, this trend has become quite popular. Again, it depends what you wear them with. I mean, it could work out if the trainers are super clean and don’t look like you just ran a marathon in the dustier parts of Swaziland. Do like Gigi Hadid and wear black trainers, if you must.



Send us pics or comments of your fashion no-nos and let’s compare notes!