The arts and music industry is vulnerable due to the pandemic as both the production and the consumption of its outputs require numerous people together in small spaces. Swati Hip-hop artist Kena, is no exception to these circumstances as his music had to take a back sit temporarily. He recently made a comeback where he gave a sterling performance during an interview on DTTV Represent. The Kasi Rap general also spoke about his upcoming music project ‘street quality’ where he expressed the difficulties he was experiencing due to the worldwide lockdown situation.

“I’m currently working on music project called ‘street quality’ which is nearing completion and I’m really excited about it because it will put an end to my brief break from entertainment due to COVID-19’’. Said the rapper

He’s been trending on all social media platforms lately with his new video at almost 5k views in 48 hours. Congrats bru! And we anxiously await more from you.