Lol! Whether you are a celebrity or normal person, people will always kick you when you are down. R. Kelly was apparently kicked out of his two Atlanta homes over $30 000 in unpaid rent. So when ABC 7 Chicago reported the story that Kelly rented two homes in Saint Devon Crossing Old Homestead Trail, for $3,000 and $11,542 a month and was owing rent on them, this thread went around social media, with fans using R.Kelly’s hit song, Ignition Remix to poke fun at the star. And the thread just flowed from the first line of the song!

Be warned: You will most definitely find yourself singing along to the beat of the song!

“It’s the remix to eviction, got no bathroom, no kitchen” Hahahaha!


“They be rolling that dolly all the furniture missin'”

“Eatin’ on top ramen, oh man I’m starved, it’s the freaking weekend baby I’m about to work overtime”

“They gave me that boot boot, I started to weep weep, Ruining my credit fo sho, Bouncing checks 24”




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