Jennifer Lopez, despite her age, is still giving us young ladies a run for our money! Her make-up is always on point, her hair (of course we cannot compete with tinwele tebelungu lol) and of course her body is just #Goals.  Her most recent new beauty look to crush on is her wide eyed lashes.

If you want to start rocking a bright and lashy look that J.Lo has got going on, you will need a good pair of false lashes. For a great effect, you will have to spend some cash to buy Scott Barnes lashes or you can pop into Edgars, Clicks or Glamour Zone. These lashes have multiple layers to give a full look and they make you look more youthful and bright!

Pair that with some make up that gives you a sun kissed glow and you are J.Lo’ing your way to work or to school!