1. Skin Lightening

Like most of Mzansi’s celebrities, skin lightening has become a trend it seems everyone wants to look lighter and Mshoza is one of those celebrities who was well known for skin lightening treatments. When it came to naming celebs who have bleached their skin her name always came up.

2. Girlfriend Allowance

In the year 2019 Mshoza got social media all hyped up after posting a video of broke men. In the video she goes after men who are broke and have no money and ridicules them on social media saying;

“You can’t come to me honestly and expect that you will give me R5,000 as a girlfriend allowance. ”

3. I’m Worth R500k’ Comment.

In the video she posted on social media criticizing and ridiculing broke men she further went on to on to say how much her body was worth. Mshoza said her body was worth a whooping 500 000 Rands.

4. Short Marriages

As year 2020 began people learned about their super star’s 3rd marriage to prominent businessman Prince Dlamini but soon after heard that the two were getting a divorce just as everyone was getting used to their union.

5. Hiding from her Ex-Husband

Before marring Prince Dlamini early this year Mshoza was married to a Thuthukani Mvula and around 2018 she had to hide from him because she feared for her life. She stayed in a secret hide out where she was protected 24hours hours a day 7 days a week for 1 month because she had claimed that he had assaulted her and made threats against her life.

Well everybody has those things that do come up that we don’t want people to know but they end up knowing, there is no shame in that. We are saddened by her death, her candle was blown out too soon may she rest in peace….