During an interview with XLR Tape where Msimisi Sithole was interviewed about the lyrics of his song ‘Zumbu’ featuring Sands, the vocalist revealed that he is in studio working on an EP that will feature local and international artists. He spilled the beans when he was asked if his fans should expect more music from him.

“Of course! I’m currently in studio with Slotta and a few other producers working on an EP. It will feature both local and international artists and producers.” He answered

He went on to promise that it will be like nothing we’ve ever heard from him and that he’s so excited but he didn’t want to be a spoiler by reveal to much about the project before it actually hit the market.

“It nothing you’ve heard from me before and I’m excited but also nervous about it. But I genuinely am looking forward to releasing the work. I can only say more about once it’s done Hehehe.” He added.

We can’t wait for it to be dropped man!

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