Gogo was having the time of her life, chilling out in the woods and chatting with her mystery man, and yes she was all smiles, who wouldn’t vele kopha, especially when having a lovely chit chat bae? Her moment was ruined by Mkhulu Solomon who sneaked up on her to find her chatting merrily. It funny kutsi out of all the things one can say when caught cheating, all she commented on was how Mkhulu sneaked on her, yeap that’s Gogo for you.

“Solomon nibokhwehlela man nobe ute ngeluculo hhayi loku vela nje!” said Gogo in a rather defeated tone.

Hell broke loose because Mkhulu didn’t want to hear any explanation but instead  resorted to beating the hell out of Gogo. Gogo being Gogo wouldn’t beg down and called out for her Grandson Smolisi who came to her rescue. Smallz made Gogo realise that what her Husband was doing was not right and that he was abusing her.

Hehehe… Gogo now akasayiteki yekusti she cheated, she just wants Mkhulu out of her life for good because he abuses her.

“Asambe siyombopha, Solomon vele angimfuni lakhaya ngoba uyangbahlata….Solomon angisakufuni kubengingasamfuni” shouted Gogo.

there is never a dull moment with Gogo, she always cracks you up with laughter effortlessly.

Watch the video below!