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Zoe Genesis brushes off pregnancy rumors, Khosi Shabalala on sharing a bed with her Ex, Popular Youtuber LaDludlu smash or pass video goes viral, Comedian Smallz reveals the secret under his hat, MTN Spotlight returns for season 2

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Song bird Zoe Genesis recently came out to iron out the ongoing rumor on social media that she is pregnant! Well is she? In an interview with KrTC of Hiphop on DTTV she stated that it’s the good life that’s making her look pregnant. So now aa lil bit of weight gain and glowinyana, people think you pregnant? Phola mdoko uyashisa. “It’s the good life” she said it not us. 

Well known make-up artist Khosi Shabalala has made it clear that she personally doesn’t see a problem with having a male bestie, let alone be friends with an ex.  Chatting with the Wolfpack members, she confirmed she once shared a bed with an ex more than once. Whoa! Sis’ said she personally doesn’t have a problem with sharing a bed with her ex unless her partner doesn’t agree. Giirl, I don’t think any woman would allow that….YOH! ANEVER.

Popular local YouTuber Tematima Dludlu (aka Ladludlu) and a friend are on everybody’s lips ever since their smash and pass video went viral. In the video, screen shots of various local men were publicized and analyzed thaaaaaat way. This video seems to have rubbed some people the wrong way. *giggles GUYS, you haven’t seen anything yet PART 2 is on the way. Kusezoba mnandi

On Sunday, fans of popular comedian Smallz were left jaw dropped when he posted a snap of himself without his signature hat. DID YOU KNOWTHE GUY HAS BEEN HIDING DREADLOCS? Or are we just the only ones who never knew…? We must admit though, dude is a snack without that hat. 

Ladies and gents, MTN Spotlight talent search will be returning for season 2 and its going digital. If you know someone who is talented or you are that someone, whatever the case may be, we are the plug that will get you closer to your dreams of stardorm.

To apply follow the spotlight and MTN Eswatini social media pages for information.

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