It takes a good person to bring change and express love in helping those who are less fortunate living around them. Celebrities that go an extra mile in helping the needy prove to us that , money and fame is never enough to change how you are.

A good heart receives and gives. Some famous people may do charitable work for fame but whatever the case so long as helpless people get the help they need.

Here are some of Eswatini public figures who run their own charities:

Illa PenBoy –Donate Bread Campaign.

It all started with donating bread to the less privileged and now his campaign has gained momentum by building houses, donating bread during the Covid-19 pandemic. Founder, Illa, saw the need to donate basic needs in understanding on how the pandemic has affected most families especially those depending on hustling such basic needs. The donate bread foundation is well known by a lot of people, even recognized by south African actors complementing the good work Illa is bringing in the country.

Thabo Mnisi -Touch Of Soul Foundation

The touch of soul foundation is a registered non-profit organisation that seeks to help the less fortunate in the rural areas even in the cities. Thabo Mnisi also known as Dj T.O.S saw the need to register his foundation in relation on how the pandemic is affecting people living under the poverty line. He aims to touch people lives positively whether trough music, clothing, charity or just a helping hand.  He has donated clothes, food parcels, sanitary pads and shoes to communities.

Anele Shabangu – Pad Drive Eswatini

Anele is a feminist who thrives in helping vulnerable women and girls. Founder of BAWS Lady , she took the initiative to start a campaign with the initiative to support abused, vulnerable women and girls in the Kingdom and also raise awareness on how women and girls need this recognition. The campaign has successfully donated over about a thousand sanitary pads and products for women and girls.


There are many more developing charity campaigns but these pioneers have opened a new loving chapter in the country’s society. Big Ups for the good work. God will bless you!