Who knew that Country music can be so appealing and fresh right? Well, we may be exaggerating a little bit but man we have to give it to these beautiful women of substance and style who make Country music something of a wonder.  We are crushing on Country Music Singer, Cleopatra Methula.

Cleopatra affectionately known to her fans as Misses Roses is a singer-songwriter and guitar player who was born and bred in Mbabane, Eswatini.

Her songs are inspired by real life stories that reflect on love, joy, family, friends, pain and forgiveness. We just love how fresh and original her take on Country music is.

Late 2012, she recorded her very first song titled “These memories” which was a special dedication to her mother who had passed on. Some of her hits include a single entitled ‘Imali a song she wrote to inspire people to work hard and enjoy spending their money, especially young people who are normally dependent yet they have to be the ones playing a huge role in improving their lives.

Cleopatra’s musical journey featured on CNN African Voices on the 8th February 2019 this was such an achievement in her music career. Breaking barriers as her musical journey was witnessed by the entire world.

She won international recognition for being the very first female in Eswatini to be nominated and invited to perform at the 2019 Texas Sound International Country Music Awards, held in Texas, USA.

Why are we crushing on her? Well, she is supremely talented and such a breath of fresh air.