It’s a Thursday and as per tradition we look at our local celebs before they become famous. As we were doing what we do best; that is minding other people’s business of course,LOL. We came across a picture of one cute lil’ boy who happens to be one of Swaziland’s well known celebrity. Can you guess who it is?

Source: Instagram

He is an afro soul artist and Kulamalanga¬†udlalubhedvu; he’s on everyone’s lips and his latest song has made waves in the country as well as outside of Swaziland. We certainly agree 2017 is his year. ¬†Still got no clue? It’s non other than Sandziso “Sands” Matsebula. How cute was he? That was then, here’s Sands now.

Source: Sands Instagram

Yah neh! labanye bantfwana bakhula nabo buhle babo. #TBT