If you were one of those people who were always glued to the screen during back in the days we are pretty sure you are going to remember all of these adverts.

The creativity in these adverts absolutely made us watch them and would even sprint just to watch and sing along. The best of them had us not leaving the couch in between soapy breaks  just to see them. Ahhh, the good ol’ days.

How many of our throwback adverts can you remember/ and how many can you still recite word-for-word?

1.The Doom Advert

2.O, O, Oros!

3.Simba Chips- I wanna be simba chippie!!

4.Cremora- its not inside its on top!

  1. Coke Brrrrr!!!

6.The famous Cadbury Lunchbar- Obviouuusss!!!

8.Cadbury Diary Milk- The Tripplets