The wolfpack gang got to talk about the realest things that we go through yet never get to actually talk about them. Hosted by @iamelfoe, @lution_xlr and @shiggy, the gang openly talk about ‘’Ghosting’’.  They discussed what ghosting is and what is considered to be ghosting or to be ghosted by someone.

@lution_xlr defines ghosting as when you in a potential relationship or relationship and that significant other disappears on you, like vanish, yet you still see status updates but your texts messages are not being replied to. Hectic hey!

Is it a lady’s habit? NO, girls ghost but ladies move on LOL. However @iamelfoe shared his opinion of what guys usually do, asking for lady’s numbers and never bother calling or texting.  That is actually ghosting. With so much views and reasons for people to ghost or be ghosted, do you actually blame them?

Check out the video and let us know what you guys think