Arguably the most criticized influncer in the country, Illa Penboy rarely takes the time to respond to all those critics but chooses to always do what he does – regardless. So when we came across a TikTok video that opens a window into his relationship, we jumped in ngatsi sibona sinkhwa and boy! Did we find juicy stuff inside.

In the video is a woman who is asking them quiz questions about who does what and who doesn’t in their relationship. They then have to answer by pointing each other – with their eyes closed.

illa penboy and his girlfriend

Below are 10 things we didn’t know about him and I can bet you didn’t too. These are things he either does or did in his current relationship.

  1. He initiated the first kiss (no surprise
  2. He doesn’t apologize first after a fight (he he he, no comment)
  3. He is the funny one (hmmmm!)
  4. He is the most patient (yeah! Look at everything he does and you can agree)
  5. He takes longer to get up in the morning (well, this is news)
  6. He is less stubborn (more
  7. He is the bigger baby when sick (no surprise there, most men are – shoot me but you know I am right)
  8. He is the social butterfly (yes of course, we are taking about Ill here)
  9. He is the messy one (mghhhhh!)
  10. He spends the most money (LOOL. Okay)

By the way Mr Illa is very much inlove and it shows

What ever you think of #MrSuccessful events, this guy seems to be a girl’s dream. Cedzani xem Illa na Sisi kutoba yi turn yam nam sengidziniwe ngu Bae lo stubborn ngisho sekufiwa – lol just kidding. Wishing you guys all the best! #couplegoals.

Image source: Facebook