Lala Neriah Tshabalala

After a few weeks of hiatus from delivering amazing designs, Lala Tshabalala is back with a BANG! She tells her fans that she has been going through stuff – being knocked down time and time again but fortunately for us she is NOT the type to give up on the things she loves.

She promises us (yes! We are her fans too) that she is working on some good stuff for the season.

I’ve been through a lot lately. I’ve been knocked down so many times but I’m not the type to give up on the things I love. This time away from @neriahfashions has forced me to work harder, be more deliberate about my decisions and spend more time designing. I owe all my @neriahfashions supporters amaaaazing pieces this season and I promise I’ll deliver. ♥️ To better and better ”  

We all love her work and we were starting to feel her absence in the market. Usibongele kuloyo lokunike lugcozu kutsi ubuye  sistas.

Go check some of her amazing work here: