Just like when she was introduced to the entertainment circles, she has never stopped turning heads basically for her lifestyle. Zodwa wabantu has gotten everyone talking about her on numerous occasions, from her provocative dance moves with no underwear, to buying herself a coffin worth 150k, to her reality show “Zodwa Uncensored” she is once again the subject on everybody’s conversation these days. However it is not for the wrong reasons though because she found love.

Sis Zodwa has been posting pictures that shook the internet of herself and her fiancé. Most people call him “Ben10”, but it seems as though he is carrying out his daddy roles well. From going down on her knee, to the expensive ring she bought for herself, to the groom taking Zodwa`s surname. We bring you most recent pictures of the couple enjoying each other’s company.

From us at Gcwala99, we wish them all the best in this love thing they`re in and we are happy for our sister to have found love, you go Girrrrl.