The two have been involved in several back and forths for a long time now. A social media user re-ignited the beef between Zahara and DJ Sbu by saying the Phendula hitmaker should just re-record Loliwe so she can benefit from the album, unlike her first attempt.

The songstress claims to not have received a single cent in royalties from Loliwe, her 2011 album she released under DJ Sbu’s record label, TS Records. Imagine not getting paid for your debut album which is also one of the most successful albums in your career. All the hard work and dedication put into the album, only to not reap the benefits of all your sweat and tears.

DJ Sbu did not take the accusations lightly and warned the tweep to not stir trouble by spreading misleading information. He claims that Zahara has been getting money from Loliwe.

Zahara wants DJ Sbu and herself to have a sit-down interview where Sbu answers to her face to face about why he has not paid her. She then calls him a coward.