It’s that time of the week again, it’s a Friday peeps and I’m sure y’all are in that “Thanks God it’s a Friday” mood. Be it spending quality time with the dance floor or immersing yourself in the spirit, our gig-guide has just the thing for you.



1. Waw’ngakanani?

Source: Alan Roger Stewart Facebook


2. Comedy + Hip Hop = Rhymes and Laughter

Source: Karly B Facebook


3. Phuza Pizza Thirsty Friday

Source: LadyZee Valley Facebook


4. Taking it to the next level

Source: LadyZee Vally Facebook




5. Spilling the beans

Source: Bakhe Dlamini Facebook


6. Represent your kasi

Source: Alan Roger Stewart


7. It’s gonna be a fun town indeed.

Source: DJ Cybos




8. Fun in the Wilderness

Source: Illa Penboy Facebook


A lovely weekend to all. S’groove sibuye nganeno, pray without ceasing. #gcwala99