Call us old fashioned if you want to but we know horrible fashion when we see it. As I was browsing through my Facebook feed BOOM! there was Rihanna wearing an over sized beige suit. Seriously. I bet even her neighbors dogs laughed when they saw it as well. Rihanna was attending the 69th Annual Parson Benefit in New York City when she came dressed in a suit big enough to to be worn by three men. Girl! was that your great grandfather’s suit? I’m still trying to convince myself that may be the reason I don’t understand Riri’s style is because im dated. But no, some clothes are just down right horrible. And to think that some of these pieces are disgustingly expensive! Don’t get us wrong guy but we were simply baffled by Rihanna’s reason and choices!

Source: yabaleftonline Instagram

Tell us what you think about RiRi’s outfit. Is it a Miss or a Hit?