I don’t know why but for some reason people think that men of God are not human. Well ye bazalwane, allow me to help you see things in a different perspective. Pastors have personal lives too besides standing behind the pulpit preaching the word of God. Don’t believe us? Well check these out.

 1. The smooch of the year. very inspiring!

Pastor Thethe Dlamini & wife – Gods Holy Place


Source: Pastor Thethe Facebook


2. Ncooh! so cozy.

Pastor Zwelile Thwala & wife – Collins Terbanacle


Source: Zwelile Shivas Facebook


3. “One for the road bae”.

Apostle Whatmore Gwaze Makwara & wife – Family Worship Centre International


Source: Whatmore Makwara Facebook


4. For richer for poorer. For scoopas for love.

Pastor Bakhe Dlamini & wife – Yonda Worship Centre


Source: Pastor Bakhe Facebook


5. Unquenchable love.

Pastor Sdumo Vilane & wife – Holy of Holies Inter-dimensional Church


Source: Pastor Sdumo unquenchable Facebook


6. Match made in heaven.

Apostle Bheki Thwala & wife – Sword and Spirit Ministries


Source: Apostle Bheki Facebook


7. Pastor Phetsa sure knows how to bring the romance.

Pastor Phetsa Dlamini & wife – Oasis Of Hope Ministries International


Source: Pastor Phetsa Facebook


8. Nitsandzane nize nifane pho?! We agree.

Mpostoli Njabulo Masuku & wife


Source: Mpostoli Njabulo Facebook


9. Mbambe umuntu wakho.

Apostle Robert Kasaru & wife – Jesus Calls Worship Centre International

Source: Swazi Style Scene


10. This is what being complete looks like.

Bishop Mpendulo Nkambule & wife – Word Of Hope Ministres


Source: Swazi Style Scene

Behind every man of God, there is a powerful prayer woman.