Fashion, much like history, often repeats itself! Just like some trends, the 90s fashion trends were dramatic and in some cases way over the top! Or were they? If you look in your mama’s or grandma’s closet, you’re likely to find a current trend or fashion item, which they rocked in their prime! So in today’s #TBT, we look at “old” fashion trends that were widely used and loved in the 90s and early 2000s. If you remember ALL of them, it definitely says something about your age.

Spice girls takkies

Spice girls takkies! We are pretty sure most of you ladies still remember these, the era when all the girls became giants. We still can’t believe just how much these shoes trended though. Every girl wanted to own a pair.

Neon Windbreakers

Usatikhumbula tilamba? Neon windbreakers were like magic capes. You threw one on and you were instantly the coolest in the hood. And the brighter, the better.

Cute small backpacks


You can’t deny that these were the “cool kid” bags. The cute small backpacks were hella popular and came in different material,styles and make. I still remember how I used to beg my mom to buy me “Lobhaki lomncane” just so I could “join” the “A squad”.

Spike Plastic hair bands

Girls, don’t tell me you’ve never owned these. If you wanted a sleeked up ponytail, these babies would do just the work.

Plaid t-shirts and skirts

Batsi skosh never dies, dies by mistake, mistake by people, people by jealous, jealous by satan!! Ahh! madoda sasitsi masigcokile size sitibongelele.

Let us know which of these Throwback Thursday Fashion items you’ve owned.