It is evident that the internet has changed the way fans discover and consume music, and for those reasons artists need new tactics to take advantage of these new models.

We do have some local artists who are already using the platform, however there are those who are still in the dark about the platform and how it works.

Here is an opportunity for interested artists to register for Masterclass scheduled to be on Thursday, September 30 – 12:00PM – 1:00PM EDT :

Spotify is the current king of the music streaming universe, boasting 75 million users, 30 million of whom are paying subscribers. (By comparison, the next largest competitor is Apple Music with 11 million paid subscribers.)

The Masterclass aims to provide all the information and tools artists and managers need to build their presence on the platform. The sessions normally include guidance on how to build listeners and followers, product/artist tools update, how playlists work and how to measure performance via Spotify data.