If for a minute you thought the ladies would panic, pull down the smash or pass video and issue an apology – you probably need to wait a very very very very long time to happen. Well maybe for YouTube to shutdown its business  because it will NOT be by the hand of “Ms. Braveheart” LaDludlu.

She responded to one of the comments on YouTube where the fan told her that taking down the video would mean “fumbling the bag”. Her response was simple and straight forward.

“ I won’t babe”.

Let’s think about this for a sec. One of the requirements for a channel to monetize on the site is 1000 subscribers and this video will make that possible within 3 days of its publishing. It will also help her get the 4000 watch time hours she needs. Now if it were you, would you throw away the opportunity to start making money with your “hobby” or “new adventure”. I know I wouldn’t.

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