Just when we thought the King Kotini, Riky Rick couldn’t get any weirder; he goes and buys a POLAR BEAR! Yes, we said POLAR BEAR. As in the animal well known to ONLY live in the North Pole and that is literally the only place in the world they live!  So, on Sunday Riky Rick posted a picture hinting that he was expecting a delivery from the North Pole and we were like okay cool, what is it?

On the actual box, it is clearly labeled “Live Animals handle with care,” after which he posts this picture, asking Twitter followers what they think of his new pet, he needs help naming her!

Lol! People commented on the post wondering if the picture was photo shopped because it is just not possible to own a polar bear in THIS climate.

Sesitobona khona ke ngoba us black people only believe something by seeing it with both eyes.




Do you think Riky Rick really owns a polar bear? Let us know!