Prince Kaybee has done it again. The DJ has taken a swipe at Black Coffee and said he is a better DJ than he is. It’s no secret that the two do not get a long but now his fans cannot help but wonder if the beef is one sided or not.

Prince was responding to a popular Twitter troll who mentioned all the good things he has accomplished expect for one thing, which is getting his matric. This after Prince Kaybee shared a really good snap of him and set the timeline on a meltdown.

Instead of catching feelings, Prince laughed it off and kind of agreed with the troll. But when some saw the “Better than Black Coffee” compliment, they disagreed, saying Black Coffee is the Michael Jackson of making music.

Prince had to let them know that he does not agree with them saying he makes better music than him. He did say he is a good DJ but when it comes to making music in the studio, Black Coffee does not stand a chance. “I’m sorry but in my defense, he is good DJ but I beat him in the studio and he knows that!”

 It is without a doubt that Black Coffee’s longevity is mainly because of his success, but Prince Kaybee thinks his 6 years in the industry does not match up.

Being called arrogant does not phase Prince Kaybee who told people he will not sit around disrespected, “I get that, but you can’t come at me and expect me to give you the other cheek, I don’t care how big an artist is, I stand for myself and what I do. If that makes me arrogant its still okay.”

Prince Kaybee once called Black Coffee a hero of his generation but he does not respect him one bit. He once told Everything SA Music in an interview that he will not respect Black Coffee as a person despite being known as an OG or the popular term, ‘Grootman.’

He did clarify that his feelings towards Coffee do not in any way take away the massive contribution he has made in the industry. But pointed out that he has a whack catalogue.

Picture cred: Instagram