The trending girl ’Ntombo’’ has found her Canaan. Bobo Mbhele has been the talk about town for the past week with her trending line ‘’ilwa ntombo’’ loosely translated as fight girl or don’t give up girl. The comedian has been in the entertainment for quite a while and struggling to make it, but suddenly the wheel of fortune took a turn for her betterment.  The ‘’ilwa ntombo’’ comedian is now an inspiration with her phrase being used by millions of women across all social media platforms.

Her phrase is used by almost every woman who understands what it means. It has inspired many to work hard and believe in themselves. On another note it has also been used to mock others too! Bobo has brought something that is trending on social media overshadowing the ‘’John Vuli gate song.

She is now being noticed by a lot of South Africans not only for her phrase but also as a performer and inspiration to other gay people around the country as well. The comedian has been sharing the light with other celebrities over the past few days with a lot of people wanting to take pictures with her. The social media platform has once again proven to be a reliable source of fame and fortune.

Ntombo has found the paradise that many others seek! The fame will accompany change in style, more exposure of different talents and well off course, more money.

‘’ilwa Ntombo’’ the world is at your fingertips now!