In the spirit of taking back our land and pressing for progress, Nandi Madida, singer/songwriter and businesswoman, has revealed the birthday present she gave her one year old son, Shaka. A piece of land. Nandi posted an Instagram post sharing the proud moment and her reasons for doing it.


“This was a very proud moment for me as his mother, because this is a legacy that will last for many generations to come. It’s the same as Colour (my fashion line) and the other businesses I’m a part of –which you’ll soon learn about. I want my children to understand generational wealth.”

In as much as our parents have taken care of all our needs growing up, we are here for leaving a legacy which is more than leaving material items which lose value over time, such as cars and clothes. I propose that as women, we all leave a legacy for future generations which will ensure a stable and independent future.


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