Comedian turned musician Bobo Mbele, who is mostly famous for his catchy phrase ‘Ilwa Ntombo’, has been trending on social media after his doppelganger has been discovered. The social media star rose to fame a few years ago with his video where he called himself a slay queen and advised girls to be vigilant as he would take their men.

One look at the American and immediately, Bobo Mbele comes to mind for many people. South African’s flocked to the Americans comments section thinking the ‘Ilwa Ntombo’ singer really fought hard this time.

His famous catch-phrase has gained momentum with famous brands using it as a marketing strategy, and personalities such as Somizi using it when judging at Idols South Africa, but it is mostly used by people, especially women all over. So what does it mean? Ilwa Ntombo is nguni for girl fight, which basically means women should not allow themselves to be ugly and they should fight to remain beautiful.

hahaha they thought the girl really fought!