Music has proven to be a cut-throat industry. There are many talented musicians in the Kingdom who all want to make the top and be best of the best. However, some artists just don’t put enough effort into their craft, that is why Mvilas took to social media to give advice to the artists.

The Mbabane based vocalist and former member of afro-pop group Chakalaka told artists to ask themselves if they’d buy their own music before accusing people of not supporting.

“After recording a song, ask yourself if it’s a product you would buy before you can even say people don’t support your craft…Ngyatikhulumela nje” Reads the post.

Followers reacted to the post including Motion Skies Pictures Direktor Kwenu, who said:

“Eish true that bro, coz sometimes kuyadlalwa ngatsi kutsi we don’t support local😭😭”

Bellinda Chester’s song artist Rebee also commented and said

“Ey talumela letinhlavu bizo bizo”🤭🤣

Ey the music industry is really no child’s play, so if you can’t take the heat better step out of the kitchen. Hahahahaha…